Attracting and Hiring A+ Players in Business

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Let's dive into the world of hiring A+ players in home services and crafting job posts that draw in the absolute best talent. It's not obvious what makes a great hire versus one that won't stand the test of time. It also involves a ton of recency bias and fixed hindsight.

But that doesn't mean you can't learn as you go and get better at spotting the people who will make your business grow.

Having A-players on board isn't just a stroke of luck; it's the lifeblood of our success. Last year I brought on board $3 million plumbers, and the excitement was next level! It's these A-players who not only excel at their craft but also ask those game-changing questions.

These are the ones that make us sit up and take notice and challenge the team to grow. Who are they? Let's find out.

3 Things For Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

1. Crafting a Rockstar Job Post

Let's break down the essence of a standout job post. It's recruitment, yes, but it's also about selling a vision. Our vision here is crystal clear: we want you to have a killer career, make great money, and grow like never before.

So, what's in that job post? Simple. We lay out where we're headed, the core focus of the role, and crystal-clear expectations. We want winners, and winners want to know the game they're playing, how to win it, and what the rewards are.

Tasks? Sure, they matter, but what shines is defining that core focus. Avoid those laundry-list job descriptions; they're a recipe for disaster. Clarity and focus attract the cream of the crop.

2. Identifying A-Players

You know when you're in an interview, and suddenly, the candidate asks those mind-boggling questions? That's the moment we lean in, feeling the buzz of potential greatness. A-players don't just aim to do their jobs; they're hungry to excel beyond what they already know.

We had this candidate fire away questions about the inner gears of our operations – dispatching methods, our routing philosophy, even pricing per hour! This curiosity sealed the deal.

We hired him, and we're already betting on his success. It wasn't just what he knew; it was how he could elevate us further.

That kind of hunger for excellence is what we live for. It's not just about filling roles; it's about finding those individuals who ask the questions others wouldn't even think of.

When someone's curious about the intricate workings of our operations, it tells us they're not just looking for a job – they're seeking a challenge, an opportunity to push boundaries, and contribute to something bigger.

They're not just an addition to the team; they're a catalyst for our growth. And that's precisely the caliber of talent we're always on the lookout for – those who'll drive us to scale new heights.

3. My Golden Rule of Onboarding

Ever felt like you're dropped into a maze with no map? That's precisely what a lackluster onboarding feels like. To retain top talent, you must have a process for new hires.

Make it clear, and make it impactful. Set them up to win, right from day one.

It should always be more than just a first-day HR spiel. We craft a journey where new hires shadow different roles, soak up the nuances of our business, and build empathy across departments.

Why? Because understanding fuels not just proficiency but also compassion.

Our onboarding adapts to roles, ensuring everyone has the tools and understanding they need to shine. Create a process and have a plan so you retain that top talent you just hired for the long term!

As you gear up for your next phase of growth, remember: hiring isn't just filling positions; it's building a powerhouse for the long haul.

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