How Not to Miss Out on Business Opportunities

Don't Miss Out By Missing Out.
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As business owners, our role encompasses maximizing our potential every day. Practices like working 4-10s, avoiding weekends, underpricing services, or infrequent reporting can hold us back. Why? Because you'll either miss out on opportunities or lack the capacity to seize them when they arise.

Let's talk about how to set yourself up for success and make intentional choices to win—Most owners choose not to, despite what they believe they’re doing.

4 Business Opportunities You Don't Want to Miss

Proactively Manage Your Schedule

Our significant breakthrough this year involved taking full accountability for our schedule's status. Contrary to conventional wisdom, where external factors dictate it, we owned both its emptiness and its fullness.

Collaborating with friends and Nexstar, we developed strategies—reactive and proactive—to maintain a consistently full schedule. For home service businesses, a full schedule remains the utmost priority daily.


In line with schedule management, reporting is crucial. As your business expands, reporting becomes more intricate. What used to be a quick glance at a screen now demands deeper analysis.

Addressing negative trends requires urgent coaching and accountability.

Reporting daily, sometimes multiple times a day, becomes indispensable. Accessible data and a suitable reporting frequency empower you to rectify shortcomings or capitalize on successes swiftly.

Charging the Right Price

Having filled your schedule with opportunities, it's pivotal to maximize them. Pricing efficiency is paramount. More often than not, you might not be charging enough compared to competitors or the value you provide.

We've considered ourselves market leaders in pricing, but recent months challenged that belief.

Many competitors charge significantly more for services we provide. Undervaluing our services leaves money on the table needlessly. Understanding your pricing and market dynamics is crucial.

Maximize Operational Days

It's a straightforward concept often unnecessarily complicated. Practices like running 4-10s or avoiding weekend shifts intentionally reduce available opportunities. It shrinks your square footage of luck.

To expand your chances, position yourself in as many opportunity zones as possible.

Opportunities exist every day of the week. Stagger shifts if needed to cover more days. There's simply no excuse for limiting your business to Monday through Thursday in our industry—it's a deliberate constraint that holds your business back.

Embracing these strategies positions you to harness opportunities and maximize your business's potential. Be the one who chooses intentional success!

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