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TikTok has emerged as one of the most dynamic and effective platforms for advertising, especially for home service businesses. TikTok business ads can be a game-changer if you're looking to expand your reach and generate leads. Ignore the gut reaction to say that TikTok is “just for teenagers”.

There’s gold in them there hills.

TikTok advertising is remarkably straightforward, reminiscent of Facebook marketing in its early days. The platform simplifies the process, making it easy to create compelling ads without needing advanced settings.

The key to success lies in your creative approach and copywriting.

Here's how to get started and make the most of the land of vertical video.

Understanding the Types of Leads In TikTok Marketing

TikTok Marketing: Creating a Successful Strategy in 2024 - Shopify

When it comes to TikTok business ads, it’s essential to distinguish between active and passive leads. Active leads–like those from Google–are individuals urgently seeking services.

Think of someone needing a pipe fixed immediately. Passive leads, typically from TikTok, respond to less urgent offers, such as home maintenance plans or furnace checks.

These leads might not need immediate service but are interested in future maintenance or upgrades.

Creating Effective TikTok Business Ads

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating effective TikTok ads for your home service business:

1. Focus on Creative Content

Your ad’s success hinges on its creative content. What does your ad look and sound like? Engaging visuals and compelling copy are crucial. Keep your ads simple, direct, and visually appealing to capture viewers' attention.

2. Target Your Audience

Hyper-localize your ads to resonate with your audience. Use specific calls to action that address your target market directly. For example, starting your ad with “Hey Nashville” can grab the attention of viewers from Nashville and make the ad feel more relevant to them.

3. Utilize Quick, Attention-Grabbing Scenes

TikTok thrives on quick, engaging content. You should Mimic the fast-paced style of children's shows or the platform itself by changing scenes rapidly. This technique hijacks the viewer's attention and releases dopamine with each scene change, making them more likely to watch the entire ad.

4. Understand the Costs

Set a budget for your ad campaigns. For instance, with a $500 ad spend, you can run multiple campaigns focusing on different services like furnace maintenance, home maintenance, and water heaters. Track your cost per lead to gauge the effectiveness of your ads.

In my experience, we’ve achieved:

  • Water Heaters: $22.50 per lead
  • Whole Home Water Maintenance: $34 per lead
  • Furnace Ads: $135 per lead (seasonal fluctuations affect these numbers)

5. Respond Quickly

Since TikTok leads are passive, speed is critical. Respond to inquiries promptly to convert leads effectively. Quick follow-ups can make a significant difference in securing appointments and closing sales. A faster response potentially means a guaranteed lead.

Practical Insights on TikTok Marketing

Here’s how TikTok advertising worked for my home service business:

Water Heater Leads: We achieved a $22.50 cost per lead, with about 50% response rate. This means we can potentially convert two or three leads into customers, depending on the effectiveness of our sales pitch.

Whole Home Water Maintenance: With a $34 cost per lead, the success hinges on quick follow-ups and offering compelling service packages.

Seasonal Ads: Adjust your campaigns based on the season. For example, furnace ads might not perform well in moderate weather when heating isn’t a priority.


TikTok business ads offer a unique and effective way to generate leads for your home service business. By focusing on creative content, targeting your audience, utilizing quick scene changes, managing your ad spend, and responding promptly, you can maximize your success on TikTok and get those leads!

Jack Carr, CEO of Rapid HVAC

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