How to Get Your Home Service Business GMB Verified

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If you've been struggling to verify your home business on Google My Business (GMB), you're not alone. Tons business owners face challenges in getting their GMB verified. Including me: I have four locations and i've been through the process--and failed--tens of times and more. It's just not a very friendly system, if you can believe that. I'm going to walk you through the steps and best practices to successfully verify your business location on Google GMB and start getting those leads.

What Are the GMB Requirements

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Before you start the verification process, understand what Google requires for verifying your business. Missing out on these things can lead to your verification being rejected without any feedback from Google.

Step-by-Step Verification Process

1. Start Outside

Begin your video outside your business location. Show street signs and surrounding businesses to prove your location.

2. Show Your Business Exterior

Pan to your business exterior, showing any branded vehicles if available.

3. Demonstrate Access to the Premises

Show that you have access to the business by unlocking the door.

4. Show the Interior

Walk inside and show the reception or greeting area, tools, and workspace. You need a person to answer phones or it has to be somewhere that's available for customers to walk in at any point in time. That's the goal.

Even in a service business that has a geolocation. So you have to have somebody who can greet customers. So there needs to be a front desk and some kind of greeting area.

Common GMB Issues and How to Avoid Them

Video Quality and Format

Google often rejects videos based on their quality or format. Check your phone's camera settings beforehand. Stick to 720p video.

Video Length

Keep the video concise to avoid upload issues.

Are You Verified?

Successfully verifying your home business on GMB involves careful preparation and attention to detail. I hope you can use these steps to improve your chances of a successful verification.

Key Takeaways:

  • Start the video outside, showing street signs and surrounding businesses.
  • Show the exterior, including branded vehicles and signage.
  • Demonstrate access by unlocking the door.
  • Show the interior, including reception, tools, and payment areas.
  • Use 720p video quality and keep the video under 90 seconds.

Do all of this and you can increase the likelihood of getting your home business GMB verified on the first try. Good luck!

Jack Carr, CEO of Rapid HVAC

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