Owned and Operated #48 - Emily Holdman and the Challenges of Running a Business

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Emily Holdman is the Managing Director at Permanent Equity out of Columbia, MO, where she’s worked with her current business partner for 14 years. Her background is in marketing, as she also went to school for journalism. Hear about her super impressive career as she is going to be a keynote speaker at the HoldCo conference

In her current position, Emily focuses on marketing and the individual opportunities that come their way, where she moves it towards diligence and takes everything through LOI. Emily talks about her experiences along the way and how they grew up in the market taking punches so young and how that has helped them get to the place they are now. She says, "We love running boring businesses, but running a business is anything but boring." Listen in as she expresses how she loves the intellectual challenges of running businesses and how they handle acquisitions.

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John Wilson: @WilsonCompanies on Twitter

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