Owned and Operated #129 - Generating Leads for Home Service Businesses: Digital Marketing with Sam Preston

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Today's episode features a special guest, Sam Preston, CEO of Service Scalers. Join us as Sam visits our shop and shares his insights on revolutionizing home service marketing. We discuss the evolution from traditional marketing methods to leveraging digital strategies, AI, and SEO to drive leads and business growth. Learn about the challenges and successes in the industry, fresh marketing approaches, and how Service Scalers is setting new standards. If you're in the home service industry or considering entering it, this episode is packed with valuable insights and practical advice.

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Owned and Operated Episode 129 Transcript

John: Welcome back. To owned and operated. Today's a special show. I'm excited about this one. I have my really good friend, Sam Preston, CEO of service scalers with us today. And he came up and visited our shop. So welcome, Sam, to Own and Operated.

Sam Preston: Thanks.

Sam Preston: This is an epic shop, right? Yeah. So many different divisions.

Sam Preston: You have your own Home Depot, basically, here. Dude, yeah, it's sick.

Sam Preston: It's sick. It's sick, bro. Yeah. Yeah, I honestly, I don't know what I expected. I didn't expect this. Okay. Yeah. What was the biggest surprise? Besides the Home Depot inside your building. Yeah. Aside

John: from, aside from that.

Sam Preston: Yeah. Yeah. No you have a really good machine here, right?

Sam Preston: You have all your different divisions. I got to be a part of like your team huddles. And your numbers and your, your L team L 10 meetings, and that was really epic. And your people's awesome. Yeah. No, the team amazing. Like I, I've walked in and I was like. Everybody was saying hi and wait Hey, are you new here?

Sam Preston: And it's I'm not part of the thing, but I want to be like any job openings. Yeah. Yeah.

John: Yeah. And have you like, have you site visited any other shops before?

Sam Preston: No, but I have some invitations. And so I think I'm going to take them up on it. Just cause it'd be good to understand what the different pain points of these home service companies, right? Like you guys are doing Decent amount, which is big operations.

Sam Preston: But I know these other, three to 5 million home service plumbing companies, they don't have the call center that you guys have. They don't have the they probably don't have all the TVs around showing the different scorecards and what they're doing. So it'd be really interesting to get in on the back end and see what they're doing and where their pain points are.

John: Yeah. Yeah. A hundred percent. Yeah we've obviously been like our genesis together was we had been working with Scorpion for five years and were super dissatisfied with what was going on. And I don't even remember how we met. It was through our friend, Steven. So then Steven, old man, Steven, old man, shout out.

John: And I was like, Hey dude, like we're really struggling with Scorpion. Do you know anybody that could help with us? And then we, I think it's almost two years now that you guys have been running with our digital. It's 22. Yeah. And then you started, yeah, that was, yeah. And you came on with DownSeptic, like our drain company.

Sam Preston: Yep, DownSeptic, yeah, remember that? And we came in and we were running, I think it was just Google ads to start with.

John: Yeah.

Sam Preston: And came in and we were able to get good leads. I remember because we ran multiple different campaigns and yours was the first we did. Tried out one of our like, performance max competitor campaigns.

Sam Preston: Oh, nice.

John: Yeah.

Sam Preston: And that one was interesting 'cause we were like specifically targeting competitors Yeah. Versus just drain cleaning near me type of searches. . And we got some really good results from that. Yeah. And now we use that same campaign across all our clients.

John: Yeah. So from , so from that one on.

John: You guys have since obviously built like an agency specifically for home services. So like you want to walk us through that journey a little bit.

Sam Preston: Yeah. So prior to. Our introduction, I had an agency and we were running services and we were basically working for anybody that would give us business, just we had sass

John: when you start and it's the same thing.

John: Like we talk about this a bunch on the show of We have shut down so many verticals, because the bigger you get, the tighter you have to focus, and the tighter you focus, the bigger you get. Yeah. Because you're doing less and less, but then you become these like Experts. So we're like an expert at residential service plumbing, but I don't know how to do new construction.

John: Yeah. And it's still it's still

Sam Preston: plumbing, yeah. So

John: Same sounds like same thing.

Sam Preston: Yeah. Same thing. Like we knew Google ads. We, and we knew SEO and we knew, your basics of marketing and websites and getting conversions. But I think the problem that we were running into is probably Problem that other home services companies run into is we weren't an expert in any industry.

John: Yeah.

Sam Preston: And so we would come in the SAS campaign. We're like yeah, we can run Google ads and we do it and we, we get good results, but it was nothing like that was like blowing them out of the water. And so when we met, I remember coming to you and going, Let me be the agency of record, like any client that you or any other business you buy.

Sam Preston: Let me be a part of it. I'll do the market research beforehand. I'll get you good information about Hey, do we think that this has can we throw, just add dollars by and grow it by two X. And. I will let you have a say on how things were doing just because, you have a great mind, and yeah, no, for real, like you're super smart. And I like solve that as an opportunity. And I wanted that like coming in into your business. And we created systems because we partnered with you, like we were leads focused and we wanted to help you just like, how do we get you 600 leads a week?

Sam Preston: How do we keep pushing that number up?

John: Yeah.

Sam Preston: And now every single time you buy a business, we can just copy and paste the same things. And so at some point in that process, I was like, I want to just take this to the market.

John: I

Sam Preston: just want to go out and find other home service, other plumbing HVAC companies, right?

Sam Preston: You're an Akron. And so There's no problem with me going out and I think that you sniff that out. I think you caught on that. I was like, going to do that. Yeah. And I think that's when you came to me and was like, Hey, like I yeah, I want to help. I think

John: we've done a few of these, like fun.

John: We've done a few of these now where, Hey, this is someone. So it's it's a vendor in our space. And if I get to have a say, In how this gets built, then, or if I like can contribute, or if I can like any way that I can participate. So that I can help design it in my best interest, then we tend to do it.

John: But we've done a few of these where like we have a partner named fair day and it's run by a CEO is a friend of mine, Alex Coleman. And he has a business that makes, he basically makes your service Titan data more usable, which that's like a big deal. That's like a, there's a lot going on there.

John: So we have a hundred thousand customer files and he makes it. Like a more usable program and as early as we could, like we invested in what he was doing. So that way we could help him, like basically just give him advice when he has questions. Yeah. But yeah and then really the same thing that you're here to, he did site visits so he could understand okay, what's actually going on inside a home service company.

John: Yeah. Cause that was the thing that was so annoying about scorpion was they didn't seem, they, they niched, but they didn't seem to understand like what was happening on the ground and Hey, my schedule is empty today. I need to up my budget or I need to make this change or I need to do this adjustment and I'm in desperation mode because my schedule is empty today and it would take them 30 to 45 days to make that change.

John: And that was like, that's like a core, like they don't understand the pain inside a home service company. So no, yeah. Night and day. But yeah, it is fun to help people like, Hey, here's the real pain points. And like, how can you help me solve them?

Sam Preston: Yeah.

John: Which is what I hope I brought to.

Sam Preston: Every day when we're talking about marketing, even just as simple as I sent you the dashboard the other day and you're like, yeah, like lead should be way higher than the second, second report.

Sam Preston: Like it should be the number one thing that we're reporting on a daily basis. And that's why those things change and why I think this works.

John: Yeah.

Sam Preston: So who are you helping now? Yeah. Like lots. What's a normal customer look like? Lots of different, can I name people on the podcast?

Sam Preston: How's that work? Yeah. Okay, let's go. I think so. . Yeah. Like we, we worked with all different types of, plumbing companies from one time plumbers. To your, which is franchise. Yeah. Yeah.

John: One times a or one times a franchise.

Sam Preston: Franchise. Yep. We've worked with HVAC companies, we've worked with plumbers.

Sam Preston: We have a roofer , that we're working with. We've worked with sign companies, like there's like big sign services. Yeah. A lot of restoration companies come to us. Oh, interesting. Yeah. And that works out really well. Yeah. 'cause we're, yeah, we take what we've done with cut and dry and we just copy paste it and okay, let's start here and then let's work away from that.

John: Yeah.

Sam Preston: Yeah,

John: that one's been interesting 'cause and we talked about this before the recording, but restoration is still so much of it's a referral business. And cause really restoration is B2B. Yeah. Is it, at least the way I think about it, it's a B2B business where if I have a foot of water in my basement or if I have a water loss, like my first call is going to be a plumber or my first call is going to be my insurance agent.

John: Yeah. So restoration is like this weird home service where yes, we are working in your home and you are the customer, But you were probably not where we got the lead from. Like you didn't call us direct. You called your insurance agent where you called your plumber. So a lot of restoration leads come from like, non digital sources.

John: So it's, it has been really interesting as we've we've driven success through digital marketing and restoration, which I think is unusual. I don't really know that it's like we've been in it for three years, but I'm not as dialed in on that industry as I am plumbing.

Sam Preston: Yeah. When we talk to restoration companies, most of them are pretty skeptical I don't know.

John: Yeah.

Sam Preston: And then the ones that sign up, see that you can drive it via digital.

John: Yeah. I think we drove four leads this week. Yeah. Which like for restoration average tickets, 5, 000. So that's, we drove 20, 000 this week off of Google, which is nuts. It's let's go. Let's go nuts. Yeah. And close rates like very high.

John: Cause someone has like in their basement

Sam Preston: and they need your services. They're not window shopping. I think it's

John: like a 90 percent close rate. It's something ridiculous. So like the more leads you get but yeah, it was interesting. Yeah. It was interesting. All right. So restoration companies, I know we've seen success, but I didn't know that you had a bunch of others.

John: So who else are you helping right now?

Sam Preston: Man, I'm trying to think of names. Rapid response. We've got lots of different companies and big and small, right? I would say our average Client oddly enough, isn't someone that's owned the business for 25 years.

John: Yeah.

Sam Preston: I've talked to very few of those people right now because they've built their business and they're happy with where they're at and they're really not trying to grow it.

Sam Preston: The vast majority of the people I'm talking to right now are like in the middle of LOI and they're like about to buy this company that's doing three to 6 million. Interesting. And the conversations I'm having is. Yeah. I need this and I need to get to 10 million as quickly as possible because I got to pay off this, this debt that I just took on to take this company.

Sam Preston: So how do we do this? As we're having conversations around like you're at 25 leads a week or you're at 40 leads a week or whatever. And To double it, we're going to need a little bit more on spin. We're in a, we need to get your conversion rates from five to 10 percent on your website. We need to have conversations about Hey, these leads are getting to your sales team.

Sam Preston: Like, how are you guys closing? Are y'all closing at a 30 to 40 percent appointment rate? Because if you're not, then we need to have a sales team. Problem. How are you handling all the leads in your past customers, your call reps, like all these different ways that you should be taking and booking

John: rates too.

John: Cause you added that like listening feature.

Sam Preston: Yeah. Yeah. So we started listening to it.

John: Yeah. Cause yeah. Cause you had I don't remember who it was, but someone was like, Hey, we're not getting any leads. And you found out no, you're getting them, but like your team's literally not booking. So you added like a listening feature, which I thought was cool.

John: That was like really cool.

Sam Preston: That was a fun one. Cause we, we, cause we can track events on the website. So we can track every single time someone makes a phone call or becomes a lead. And so when I'm showing that we have a hundred events in a week and you're saying, Hey, no leads have come through.

Sam Preston: Something's off there. Like maybe the tracking's not working correctly and I can go in and I can check that. But after that I was like, Hey, let me, you've got call rail. Let me just listen to every phone call that's coming through. As we just listened to, we realized that They were calling in for their services and their admin team was just not doing a good job.

John: Yeah.

Sam Preston: And they're doing fine. But there's just definitely some of them that are coming through that was like, Oh, this one definitely should have been a sale.

John: Yeah.

Sam Preston: An easy appointment.

John: It takes so much it takes so much time to listen to, it takes so much to like, to knock that down.

John: Like it, it's a big it's a big investment. That's why we have an entire team

Sam Preston: for it now. Yeah. Yeah. And cause I can't do it here. Yeah. Yeah.

John: All right. So you average, so the average person you're working with is like a fresh entrepreneur.

Sam Preston: That's cool. It's fun. I would say that there's a decent number of people that have bought other businesses.

Sam Preston: And so they're just buying in because they're like, okay, this is like fresh

John: to home service.

Sam Preston: Yeah. Fresh to home service. And then there are some just okay. nine to five corporate America. I've been doing this for 20 years. I'm tired of it. I've probably been listening to owned and operated and it's

Sam Preston: I'm ready to I'm ready to buy and get out of the rat race.

Sam Preston: How do I do that? And they've literally know nothing about plumbing. Huh? And they just this looks like a really cool opportunity. I'm like, yeah, there's going to be a lot of learning. So let's buckle up and let's go. Yeah. In which case you have those situations where they know nothing and then they have an installer that's doesn't show up and they're at night and they're there late at night trying to figure out how is this blue goes wet?

Sam Preston: What is this? Yeah. And so

John: that was Jack's story. So he buys this business and he had three texts and one of them quit the first day. Jeez. 30 percent of your business is gone. It's insane. Yeah. The reality of home service. Yeah. Okay. So a lot of fresh Like all bunch of different industry sounds but still focused on home service.

John: Man, this is awesome. So what do you think, where do you think this goes next? What, what's, what are you excited about inside what you're doing?

Sam Preston: Yeah. I think that there is, it's going to take a really interesting, cause I think the people that are coming into the business are Yeah.

John: Like

Sam Preston: the ones that left really focused on referrals and just good reviews and word of mouth and things like that.

Sam Preston: But like the, corporate, um, guy that I was just talking to, who actually just signed up, he'll be launching his client, his his kickoffs on Monday, which I'm pumped about. Yeah. But like he understood. Yeah. Google ads in search volume. And like when we were having a conversation, it was pretty intelligent.

Sam Preston: It wasn't just like a, yeah, I don't care really what's going to happen. Cause I feel like that's where some of the, I won't name names, bigger companies that, built their big marketing home service marketing companies got built on is an uneducated market that didn't know any better.

Sam Preston: And they were just like, yeah I'll give you five grand. Just make sure I get leads or I'll give you 15 grand. Like I come across these accounts all the time. They're like, Oh yeah, we spent 25,

John: 000.

Sam Preston: And I'm like, great. How much of that is going to the actual ads versus just management?

John: When we were on Scorpion, it was like, we would spend 30 grand a month on.

John: That was what came out of the account and 20 grand was paid, which is like absurd. That's insane. It's dumb. Yeah. How much of that is actually going towards like the thing that you're paying for?

Sam Preston: Yeah.

John: Yeah. Management fees can really like stack pretty quick.

Sam Preston: The big thing we're working with on, on, on those is a lot.

Sam Preston: And that was

John: just PPC. Cause they take like a 20 or 25 percent commission on PPC.

Sam Preston: And then you got LSA and GMB and what are they actually doing? You don't know the activities, you don't own anything. And I think that's actually the biggest problem there is we'll have companies that are like, Hey, we want to transfer over to a new marketing company.

Sam Preston: You guys, I'm like you don't own your website.

John: Yeah. Yeah. We found out, we found that out the hard way. And most people that have and I, I'm not trying to like, but like most people find that out the hard way because they decide, Oh, this isn't working. We're not actually driving leads.

John: That's what happened with us. So like we're sitting there last year and we're like, man, like I need, like it was the same story I gave Hey, my schedule is empty and it's taking you 45 days to make a change. This is crazy. Like I have to be able to have. a deeper, faster impact on my marketing.

John: Like we're a marketing and sales company. Like I have to be able to handle my marketing. And so we started looking at other options for Wilson and we couldn't do anything because we didn't own the website. So if we were going to move off of Scorpion, been on for six years. Like I didn't own a word on that website.

John: I didn't own the design. I didn't own the pictures. I like, I think it was a fight to get the URL. Like it was a real thing. Yeah. Which I didn't if I would have read the fine print prior. Okay. Obviously that's a meat problem, but I had no idea that like it was a lot. Cause you invest six years into SEO.

John: And then it all goes away.

Sam Preston: Yeah.

John: Yeah, it was Or if they change anything on their algorithm. It was pretty shitty.

Sam Preston: Or if you go to sell your business, like it's going to make an impact on that. Like top line, like you own your website or somebody else owns it and they just had to keep buying that subscription.

Sam Preston: Yeah.

John: Yeah. Which yeah. For the amount of money because we paid them hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of six years. So for the amount of money and at the end of it being like, Hey, you actually don't know any of this. You're just like, are you kidding? This is insane.

John: Like, how is this the gold standard currently for home service marketing agencies? Like it's insane.

Sam Preston: That's why we're here.

John: Yeah. Yeah.

Sam Preston: That's why we're here. Let's go to battle.

John: Let's go.

Sam Preston: But yeah, I think that's one of the, what I'm excited about is the conversation is changing from just a, Hey, let me give you 10 grand and you just drive me leads to a leads focused conversation.

John: Yeah.

Sam Preston: We are actively trying to drive you more leads and we're having those conversations of how many leads do you need? We were talking to a client the other day that had to turn off their. Ads because they literally have more leads coming in than they have trucks. And so like we're having those conversations like, okay, let's pull it back.

Sam Preston: Let's not have to turn it off. Let's just make this, span out and go get yourself another truck. Let's go. Let's that's the perfect problem you want is you have to go find another truck. So let's go. And so making sure that they can scale up with that. And Hey, I need 30 leads a week.

Sam Preston: Okay, great. Now I need 60 leads a week. Great. Now we need 100 leads a week. And having those conversations and it becoming more intelligent besides just a, I paid 10 grand. I get leads. No idea how that goes, but we're growing to a, I understand this is the machine that we're building and it's yours and you own it.

John: Yeah. Yeah. And I think the flexibility with tech too, because that has to be a thing. Like the more I was having a conversation with Jack yesterday or two days ago and he was like, yeah, dude, my SEO company he's not using you guys for SEO, but he's yeah, my SEO company is still doing two articles a month, which was like the old, the gold standard for decades.

John: But it's like, tech has gotten faster than that. Like, how can we speed that up? How can we do more? How can we do less? And you guys have been like really flexible and like on top of it, which is cool.

Sam Preston: We, our minimum is 10 articles a month. Yeah. It just doesn't make sense. I feel

John: yeah, for the same like price point or whatever as the two.

John: Yeah, it is. It is crazy. It's crazy. As we get further and further along into tech Oh yeah, I think that's something that we have found fun. Yeah. So like when I think about our competitive advantage. Like a lot of tech has become a competitive advantage, especially over the last year as like AI has become more of a thing.

John: And what we're looking at is I know that most of our competitors are still only doing two articles a month on their website. Like they're at like, cause they're in multi year contracts. That's all that they're doing. That's all anyone has done for decades. And people are still signing up for two article a month contracts, which is insane to me.

John: Yeah. So like nearly everyone that we compete against is just doing two articles a month. So Hey, we can 4x that or 5x that. And and it's like easier because AI enables it now. And it's one more big change. And I think it's the same with everything, like the way we're thinking about GMBs and it's they're not doing it yet.

Sam Preston: I think you'd be surprised at our Zapier bill. And how much that is, we do a lot of Zapier the back end. We are deep in chat, GBT and AI testing against Jim and I and all that kind of good stuff. We are absolutely using it. The things that even from a Google ad standpoint, like our team built it out.

Sam Preston: Yeah. But then we can just take in those keywords and have chat GPT create more keywords. Yeah. It can create more headlines and copy. We can test it out. I've even used it like, Hey, pretend you're these two different type of people and fight over which headline you like better and tell me why.

Sam Preston: And they just go on and this little chat and they keep trying to convince me. I find one piece of little detail that I'm like, Oh, let's bring it in. So we are absolutely looking at how can we push this into, which turns into alpha

John: for the for the customer. Yeah. Cause again, most of my competitors are still only doing two articles a month.

John: So even if they had a 10 year head start, I would catch up to them in six months with whatever they had. For SEO, which is like a wild

Sam Preston: problem on our SEO. Like we are taking the top, like five articles that are ranking first, a keyword, pulling that back in and using that as a leverage point to write a new piece of article, which you could have done that, three or four years ago, but it was all manual.

Sam Preston: It was all just writing it. Yeah. Yeah. And now we can just literally, I

John: think that's the annoying thing about so I'm thinking about like how you do this for us. And then I know that Scorpion and the other big agencies out there are doing the same, like similar stuff. It's just that they're still only giving two.

John: Yeah. It's like such a ridiculous disservice. It's insane. Yeah, they have the same tools. Like it, they're just like still choosing to intentionally be like, ah, yeah, two. Two is what we do. I don't know what to tell you. I think

Sam Preston: it's I think it's because they're not leads focused, it's just genuinely because what they do is their activity.

John: Like I think marketing agencies and it's something that drives me nuts. It's here's the activity that happened and it's cool. Activity is not dollars. It's I really don't care. Yeah. Like activity is okay. Like how many things came to my website is great, but like how many click the call button is the actual only thing that matters.

John: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So who cares? Like you can bring a million visitors to my website and like nothing matters. Yeah. But if I got one call.

Sam Preston: Yeah.

John: So

Sam Preston: until we get to the conversation of okay, Hey, great. We had a million people to our website. How do we get two more clicks? And there is a funnel and that is a good thing.

Sam Preston: But I do find that most people don't care. And they shouldn't. That's not their job. Their job is to figure out the fulfillment, to figure out their sales, right? That's why we want to come in and do the marketing and focus on, Hey, how do we get you more phone calls? How do we get you more form fills that turn into appointments and you guys can figure out the rest on the backend.

Sam Preston: Yeah. So

John: yeah, no, this is awesome. It's definitely a refreshing take and I've been a, I've been a big fan. All right. So the big thing we're excited about is entering the space, refreshing take on home service marketing. Average clients, three to 5 million. That sounds exciting to me. You've got a great team behind you.

John: Yeah. I don't know. Anything else you wanna share about what you've been up to at service scalers? Like you've been heads down, like you've been like Yeah. You've been like in the weeds, like starting to build this. Yeah. So it's cool that you're starting, you're like, you're popping out. I'm like, Hey guys, hey.

John: Up.

Sam Preston: Yeah. We're really only, yeah, I've been doing, I've been personally doing marketing for eight years now. . And I've owned an agency for, six. And so yeah, this is. Truly. It feels like still a baby. Like it's still like we're 12 months old. And there's just so much potential.

Sam Preston: And so really when you already

John: have dozens of clients too. Yeah. I'm like, you've been more than a dozen pumping.

Sam Preston: We've been growing fast. And I think that's one of the things that got me excited is how quickly how quickly referrals came in.

John: Yeah.

Sam Preston: I think we, I think over the six years, we already have more referrals and service scalers from like current clients than we ever did in my other businesses.

Sam Preston: And we got good results. Like we worked with billion dollar companies. But I think because we're so focused,

John: And in home service. Yeah. Yeah. It's the same thing that you have in your business, right? When you do an

Sam Preston: HVAC system for somebody and their neighbors, like who did that? And they're like, Oh yeah.

Sam Preston: You got to check out the Wilson company. It's amazing. That's the same experience that we're having now. And so we're very much dialed into that. We're tracking it, scorecarding it, making sure that the team understands what, referrals and stuff like that. Yeah.

Sam Preston: Yeah. I'm excited to get in here more. And continue to, do some site visits with some of our clients and understand the pain points more and problems more and making sure that we're delivering results, right? We really want to make sure that we are an active member and partner in your company's growth.

Sam Preston: Like we don't want to just sell marketing services. We want to be a lead generator for you and help you get from. Three to seven million or five to 10 million. Like we want to be a part of your growth.

John: Yeah. Or 20 plus

Sam Preston: 20 plus. Let's go. Let's go.

John: No, this was good, man. And yeah, I'm glad you came up and visited.

John: I think I think The exposure to, okay, how does what actually does happen when the phone rings and like, how do we book it? And how do we, like, how does the tech sell it? And what does that process look like? And like the home Depot in the back, like understanding the time from lead to Oh, that was installed.

John: That took seven days. Like why? Yeah. Yeah I think it was good. It was good.

Sam Preston: It's been fun.

John: Yeah,

Sam Preston: it's been fun. It was really cool driving in and seeing It's a lot of Wilson trucks, like everywhere. It is funny. If I come, if I show up a little bit late for

John: work cause we have a hundred trucks on the road.

John: Yeah. So if I like show up at 8 30 or something, maybe there's a morning appointment. I don't know. But like. All the trucks are like rolling out. So I almost to show up late now because I'm past like 60 trucks. And I'm like yeah, let's go. Oh, man. If people want to connect with you, like, where can they find you?

John: How can they talk to

Sam Preston: you? Twitter. Hey, Sam Preston.

John: Yep.

Sam Preston: I'm LinkedIn. I think it's like. Forward slash Samuel Preston or something like that. Probably need to get that work down. And yeah, I would love to connect and work with you if you're buying a home business. I know it's scary to share your information about home businesses.

Sam Preston: I just work with so many people that are like in the middle of LOI that's about to buy a business that. they bring it to me. They're like, Hey, like, where am I at? Do you think this is a good buy? And sometimes I've gone in, I'm like, their marketing is so good that they're owning this. This is phenomenal.

Sam Preston: Now you won't be able to easily scale marketing. And that's the scary part. Like when they have that SEO and they're already dominating, it's harder to go Hey how do I get past number one? You're already number one. If that is a conversation you want to have let's go. I love those conversations.

Sam Preston: I can talk with you to help you figure out from a marketing side, like, where can you go with this business that you're about to buy? Yeah. Or if you just want to hang, let's do it.

John: No, dude. That was awesome. Thanks for coming. One, thanks for coming inside visiting. This was a lot of fun. Yeah.

John: And then two, thanks for coming on the show. This was cool. I think like you guys have a, You get, I know that I've appreciated it. Like you've changed the game for how we think about SEO and PPC, which has been hugely impactful for us. And we're not the, we are the guy that's owned it for 10 years.

John: So no, this is, this has been awesome. So thanks for coming on the show. And make sure you check out surf scalers. com. Sam and his team has been doing awesome work. Let's go. Let's go. Peace. Thanks for listening to owned and operated. If you like what you heard, make sure you check out owned and operated.

John: com. Just got a new website literally done by service scalers, which was really cool. They did a great job. And make sure you sign up for the newsletter and just keep it in touch with what we're up to. Thanks for tuning in to owned and operated the podcast for home service entrepreneurs. If you enjoyed today's episode, please hit the like button and subscribe to the podcast.

John: If you have any questions or topics you'd like us to cover, feel free to reach out. You can find me on Twitter at Wilson companies. I'll see you next time.

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