Owned and Operated #52 - Jack Carr on Emu Farms, HVAC Deal Flow, and the Podcast

An HVAC Jack Appears!
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The start of a new era of Owned and Operated! In this pilot episode of “Owned and Operated”, John Wilson is talking to Jack Carr about his history and how interesting his life adventure was that led him to a residential HVAC commercial company in Nashville. We will get to know his strategies for building his team, and we will see how Jack considers revenue generation if he’s not bringing people in. Why did Jack buy this business if they had no marketing?

What can you expect from our podcast? We will be exploring the ways in which businesses can use B2B and B2C strategies together to achieve their marketing goals, and why an integrated approach to marketing is often the most effective. So whether you're a business owner, marketer, or just curious about the world of B2B and B2C, join us for this introductory episode of our podcast, where we'll explore the basics of these two types of businesses and the essential role they play in the modern economy.

Episode Hosts: 🎤
John Wilson: @WilsonCompanies on Twitter
Jack Carr: @TheHVACJack on Twitter

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