Top Tips for Driving TONS of Calls to Your Call Center

Time to Pick Up the Phone.
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We’re going to go over something near and dear to my heart. Call centers are the beating heart of our businesses, literally directing the flow of traffic, pulling leads, and presenting the forward face of the operation.

But in order for that heart to beat you have to drive call volume! I’ll go over getting that volume to generate the numbers you need, making the most of our good friend GMB, and going old school with some physical media to get directly at a potential client.

Key Takeaways

  • Leverage Basic Listings: Optimize your Google My Business Profile to attract 800 to 1,000 phone calls weekly.
  • Utilize Google LSA: Tap into Google Local Service Ads for active lead generation, contributing another 800 to 1,000 calls weekly.
  • Embrace Postcards: Despite the digital age, postcards remain a potent lead source, driving tens of thousands of calls monthly.
  • Harness Email and SMS: Implementing informative emails and SMS alerts can result in hundreds of calls weekly, providing significant lead generation potential.

There’s four major ways to drive tons of Call Center traffic—proven winners in our own daily operations. These tips drive our own weekly call volume to somewhere in the 7,000 per week range. Amazing, right? It’s not rocket science, just good business.

Leverage Basic Listings

One of the most basic—and best—ways to get your name out into the world, Google My Business. It’s as simple as someone typing a service into Google and your name, number, and review score popping up on their Maps app.

And that’s 800-1000 call volume a week, on average.

But be sure to play the Google game the right way. This includes following terms of service, your information is correct, and you’re locating those ads to the correct places. Remember: You can have multiple GMBs at work!

And speaking of Google…

Utilize Google LSA

The good, old green Google checkmark is your best friend. Google Local Service Ads covers a wide variety of service: HVAC, plumbing, roofing, landscaping, and more. Best yet, it’s a simple exchange: Dollar in, lead out.

However, that ease also comes with LSA needing a babysitter. It’s an active lead source that needs management, as well as specific hoops. Dedicated numbers, service coupons, and most of all—a follow up to get that almighty ***** rating after service.

LSA can feel finnicky, but it pays off. Its yet another 800-1000 volume call source. If you feel like the LSA game is daunting then just know you don’t have to do it alone.

Check out and talk to our friends over at Service Scalers: learn the ways of SMB marketing, and get in the digital marketing game in a BIG way.

But maybe you’re more old school. Don’t worry, I got you.


As consistent as gravity, physical mailers are as powerful as ever. The best thing is the malleability involved. Active customers, lapsed folks, or even reaching all new leads via address database services. You can even get macro with it and target the likes of new homeowners or the recent moved.

Target specific zip codes!
Drive engagement as often as you want!
Send coupons!

There’s a reason why your mailbox is filled every day with mail: It works.

Sending Out an SMS (Or Email)

I’m going to have this song stuck in my head the rest of the day now, but the pun applies.

Email and SMS is a huge lead source for us, and for good reason. We’re talking bulk, which leads to hundreds of calls per week—real voices attached to real people, making those connections and being the forward face of your business.

The real power is hitting people where they live, and the same goes for email. Think about the raw authority and advantage that comes along with getting into someone’s inbox. We use CHIIRP at Wilson to handle the SMS side of texting and it really simplified the process.

The possibilities are endless, but you’ll never know unless you hit send.

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