Owned and Operated #54 - John's Big Move, Residential Water Delivery, and RC Sewer Inspections

Water, Water Everywhere....
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In this episode of Owned and Operated, the hosts discuss the business model of water trucking, specifically potable water delivery services. They investigate the difficulties and the costs that are associated with it, such as complying with the regulations and the high costs of equipment and tires. Even though there are problems, they emphasize how profitable the business is. For example, one interviewee said that each truck was making between $500,000 and $600,000 per year. Jack and John show interest in the industry because they think it could be profitable and help them build long-term customer relationships. These and many more topics will be discussed as you listen to the episode!

Episode Hosts: 🎤
John Wilson: @WilsonCompanies on Twitter
Jack Carr: @TheHVACJack on Twitter

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