Why I'm Betting Big on Residential Services

All In on Resi.
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Here’s the deal: we're not just fixing pipes, wires, and systems; we’re on a mission. Our goal? Keeping Northeast Ohio’s lights on, water flowing, and homes cozy.

By doing this, we’re not just striving for a $100m company with 400 team members; we’re aiming to make a real, impactful difference in our team members' lives and our community.

Among the significant changes we've made recently, doubling down on residential services stands out as a game-changer.

Let's dive into why this shift is crucial for our long-term goals and how it fosters continuous growth.

In the early stages, businesses often try to cater to everyone's needs. It seems logical, right? You need work to keep your team busy and generate revenue. However, here's the truth about growing a substantial business: the more selective you are, the bigger and more successful your company becomes.

One common mistake, and one we’ve made ourselves in the past, is trying to be everything to everyone. Thinking, "I'm a plumber, so anything with water is my customer," or "I can handle any building’s heating system," might seem feasible. But in reality, it hinders business—short and long term.

A top-notch business focuses on a precise service offering. For us, it’s residential plumbing, HVAC, and electrical service and replacement.

Here's Why I'm In on Residential

  • Distinct Sales Process: Presenting options to homeowners, who live with the solutions, vastly differs from catering to commercial clients. Training, customer service, and problem-solving approach all change significantly.

    Specialized training tailored to residential customers becomes paramount for consistent service.
  • Unique Lead Generation: Our prowess in marketing to homeowners gives us a significant edge. It's scalable and continues to drive our business forward, unlike commercial lead generation, which doesn’t scale as effectively.

  • Enhanced Profitability: Working for homeowners is not just more profitable; it's miles ahead of new construction, remodels, or commercial work.

  • Optimized Payment Terms: Transitioning to zero AR has been monumental for our growth. It means getting paid upfront, a vital boost for a growing business like ours. With growth comes costs—vehicles, marketing, infrastructure, and salaries.

    Waiting 90 days for payment isn't an option. We’ve built our growth on cash flow, not wishful thinking.

Our vision entails doing less as we get bigger, focusing on residential service and replacement across all our business lines. This isn't an overnight shift, but as we grow, it’s where our future lies.

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