Owned and Operated #40 - Kylon and Teliah Gienger and Being SMB Swiss Army Knives

We're SMB Bound.
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Today we will have a very exciting podcast as Kylon Gienger joins us along with his wife Teliah. This is the first time we’ll hear about a married couple’s working dynamic and how they’ve balanced each other out throughout the years.

Kylon could be described as a jack of all trades with the many unique SMB companies he’s been involved in. He currently is a podcast founder, band member, President of a company accelerating entrepreneur acquisitions, and a home service business portfolio owner. For many of his ventures, he’s had Teliah right by his side as his co-founder and partner throughout the process.

Today you’ll get to hear in-depth about these many businesses and their shift from starting companies to purchasing them. With 3 exits under their belt, let’s hear more about what their next move will be.

Episode Host: 🎤
John Wilson: @WilsonCompanies on Twitter

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